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Pairpoint Lamp Advertisement (Post 2009, 01-05.1)
Happy New Year! Our first post comes from NBMOG member George Fogg, who sends in a Pairpoint Corporation advertisement he recently discovered. It shows an impressive cut glass lamp in the Colonial Revival style. The lamp, No. D3080, is described as 15 1/2" high, with "Marble Base, Engraved Crystal Glass Fount, Crystal Cut Glass Pillar, Crystal Pendants, Cut Glass  Frosted Shade." Don't mistake this 1932 Pairpoint lamp for a Sandwich kerosene lamp of the 1870s. Can anyone send us photos of an actual example? It would be helpful to know how the Pairpoint lamp was wired and how easily that wiring might be removed by The Unscrupulous.  Motifs of stylized grapes and grape leaves appear on the font and shade. Mr. Fogg found the advertisement in the May 1932 issue of the Keystone (Vol. LIX, No. 9, p. 55), a jeweler's trade journal published in Philadelphia. Thank you for sharing it.
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