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Greenaway Study (Post 2009, 01-09.1)
With special assistance from member Scott Roland, NBMOG is developing a comprehensive catalog of glass with decorative motifs copied from or inspired by the published designs of English artist Kate Greenaway (b.1846, d.1901)
. To see how many we've found so far click Greenaway Motif Catalog. If you know of others (including examples showing minor color and design variations), please bring them to our attention. Also, if you can identify the original published sources for any of these designs we would love hear from you. Some of the designs appear in Greenaway's first book of pictures and rhymes, Under the Window (1878), but the rest are eluding us. One published source that we are especially eager to locate is for the design shown to the left. This peculiar scene features a road sign reading "To New Bedford" and has at least three variants. For a more detailed discussion click Kate Greenaway.
The New Bedford Museum of Glass