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Mt. Washington Trumpet Vase (Post 2009, 03-06.1)
Too often the advertised image of a product turns out to be more attractive than the actual product. Sometimes, however, the reverse is true. This proved to be the case when NBMOG recently found and acquired an example of a trumpet vase made and advertised in 1889 by the Mt. Washington Glass Company of New Bedford, MA.  The advertisement features eight different vase designs. It was run between May 16 and August 8, 1889, in the Crockery & Glass Journal, a weekly trade publication for the glass and ceramics industries (see Kenneth M. Wilson, Mt. Washington & Pairpoint Glass, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England: Antique Collectors' Club Ltd., 2005, p.150). In the advertisement the vases all appear rather nondescript. In fairness, this can be a desirable quality in a vase when the flower arranger wants to keep attention focused on the flowers. When seen in person, however, the large trumpet form proves surprisingly attractive. The optic molding and the applied rigaree band give the vase a high degree of sparkle. The rim is gracefully gauffered and the foot has a delicately folded edge. Although the large trumpet shape was advertised as 12 inches in height, the museum's example actually measures 12 1/2".

NBMOG would like to track down examples of all eight vase designs and display them together with an enlarged image of the advertisement (see illustration below). If you can help with this project, please contact us! Text for the 1889 advertisement reads: "Our novelties in vases made in beautifully clear crystal glass. Just the thing for spring flowers. In all sizes. Order samples. Brilliant / transparent and beautiful. Vases are also engraved with ornamental patterns." From left to right the designs are designated as "14 in RIBBED BULB / 12 in PLAIN TAPPAN / 8 in RIBBED BULB / 6 in PLAIN BULB / 7 in TRUMPET / 8 in TAPPAN / 12 in TRUMPET / 14 in PLAIN BULB." Small text below the row of  illustrations reads "The above styles are each made in all sizes. Send for a line of samples. They are very low priced."
Trumpet Vase
Mt. Washington Glass Co.
New Bedford, MA, c. 1889
H: 12 1/2"
NBMOG Collection
Museum Purchase
Crockery & Glass Journal
May 16 - Aug. 8, 1889
The New Bedford Museum of Glass