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"F. H. March" Carte de Visite Photograph (Post 2009, 03-18.1)
In the summer of 2008 member Dick Sheaff alerted NBMOG to the eBay auction listing of a small carte de visite photograph identified on the reverse side with a pasted paper label reading "F. H. March, / Mt. Washington Glass Company. / Manufacturers." The Museum bid successfully on the item and would like to learn more about March and his association with the glass company. Anyone who has information about Mr. March  or who would be willing to tackle this little research project is invited to contact the Museum at Please note that the paper label covers up a printed inscription on the back of the card reading "Fred. C. Low / 110 Cambridge Street." It might be possible to determine how long Low was located at the Cambridge Street address. This information, in turn, could help to establish a more precise date range for the photograph. "Carte de visite" is French for "calling card." Calling cards generally consist of albumen print photographs affixed to thick paper cards. The custom of using a small card to initiate a social visit, generally by having it delivered to a residence and then waiting for a response, became popular about 1860. The cards were sometimes used for business purposes and, in this context, can be seen as predecessors of the modern business card.
(right) Carte de Visite,
  obverse and reverse

Mt. Washington Glass Co.
New Bedford, MA, c. 1885
H: 2 1/4"
NBMOG Collection
Museum Purchase
The New Bedford Museum of Glass