Other Collections
Beware! Fakes!
NBMOG is delighted to receive from member Pamela Levine the gift of two notorious fakes from the 1930s. Pressed in Czechoslovakia in the Sandwich "Tulip" pattern, these lamps in luscious green and blue continue to fool collectors even after author Ruth Webb Lee featured them in Antique Fakes & Reproductions, published in 1938.
Thomas Cains Glass
From the family of the late Kenneth M. Wilson, author of numerous books on the subject of glass and former Vice President of NBMOG, the Museum has received a fascinating group of lamps and tools associated with Mr. Wilson's study of early American pressed glass and the lamps of South Boston glass manufacturer Thomas Cains. 
The New Bedford Museum of Glass
Bottle Houses of the Old West
Three antique postcards from the American southwest document remarkable structures with an unusual relevance to the world of glass. In 1906, 76 year old Tom Kelly decided to build himself a house in the mining town of Rhyolite near the entrance of Death Valley, Nevada. While short on lumber, what Rhyolite did have was a surplus of saloons and empty bottles! Learn the incredible story behind this amazing house and more.