The New Bedford Museum of Glass
1. Pressed and Cut Trophy Vase
European, c. 1980
Wide flared bowl with flat base; scalloped rim; cut hobstar pattern,  and short, tapered, hexagonal stem cut with notches; thick, square flat foot; flat underside has cut star

Pressed lead glass; height: 9”, diameter: 10 ¼“; condition: good
2. Viking Epic Long Tail Bird Candy Box
Viking Glass, New Martinsville, WV, c. 1965
Orange “persimmon“ color; long tailed bird on ball decorates round lid; original silver “VIKING” sticker; rim of bowl curves inward; squat bowl rests on round, small footed base; concave underside.

Pressed lead glass;  height: 12”; condition: good
3. Kosta Perfume Bottle
Kosta, Kosta Boda, Sweden, c. 1980
Reverse teardrop shaped stopper, ground halfway down; teardrop shaped bottle with ground mouth; crown shaped sticker near underside reads “Kosta/SWEDEN”; flat and polished underside etched “Kosta/773070”

Blown lead glass; height: 3 1/2”; condition: good

4. Spangled Art Glass Vase
Bohemian, c. 1930
Dark cobalt blue glass with spangled mica flake; urn shape open into hollow plinth-shaped foot

Mold-blown  non-lead glass; height: 7 ½”; condition: small chip on rim

5. “Rayed Peacock Eye” Lacy Sauce Dish
Boston & Sandwich Glass Co, Sandwich, MA c. 1835
Lacy, shallow bowl with scalloped edge

Pressed flint glass; diameter: 4 ¾”; condition: small chips on edges and scallops

6. Iridescent Bowl
European, c. 1920
Waisted shape; wide ruffled rim; blue iridescent decoration to outside with swirls and spirals; body narrows before abruptly widening at base; concave and polished pontil

Blown lead glass; diameter 7 ¾”; condition: good

7. Pair of “Petal and Loop” Candlesticks
Boston & Sandwich Glass Co, Sandwich, MA, c. 1850
Bowl joined by wafer to base (see Barlow-Kaiser, Vol. IV, No. 4032, p. 53)

Pressed flint glass; height: 7 1/8”, condition: small chips and roughness around petals and base

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8. Control Bubble Ashtray
Murano, Italy, c. 1965
Thick round bowl with three equidistant tooled indents on top of rim; diagonal control bubble design; slightly concave underside with ground and polished pontil

Blown lead glass; diameter: 6 ½“; condition: small chip on pontil mark

9. Crystal Opalescent Sugar Shaker
Northwood, c. 1900
“Daisy and Fern” pattern in Parian Swirl shape

Mold-blown flint glass; height: 4 ½”; condition: chips inside rim

10. Blue Opalescent Ribbed Pitcher 
Italy, c. 1965
Blue opalescent lead glass; bulbous shape with 18 vertical ribs; top cut into two points, one of which forms the spout, the other bent over and attached to side to form handle; handle curled up at end; underside flat and polished; silver sticker near top reads “A / Nora / Fenton/ IMPORT / MADE IN ITALY”

Pressed lead glass; height: 9 ½”; condition: good