Recent Gifts
The Imbrie Library. Long-time National American Glass Club members John & Barbara Imbrie have donated an impressive glass reference library of 109 volumes. Although a number of these books already are represented in the NBMOG library, duplicates are always welcome. Included are such indispensable volumes as Wilson's New England Glass & Glassmaking (1972), Innes' Pittsburgh Glass 1797-1891 (1976), Fauster's Libbey Glass Since 1818 (1979), and  Hartshorne's Antique Drinking Glasses (1968 reprint). Especially hard-to-find books from the Imbrie gift include the three-volume  Encyclopedia of American Cut and Engraved Glass by J. Michael Pearson (1975, 1977, 1978) and Pressed Glass in America by John & Elizabeth Welker (1985). The books cover a wide range of categories, from ancient to contemporary. Previously unrepresented in the NBMOG library (to list just a few!) are The Crystal Years  by Williams-Thomas (1983), Verrerie d'Epoque Romaine by Sennequier (1985), Le Verre Medieval by Foy (1989), The Glass Industry of Tyne and Wear (1979), and two Winterthur Portfolioissues with important articles on early American glass by Dwight Lanmon and Arlene Palmer (1969 and 1976).
Auction Catalogs can provide an invaluable source of information about glass and monetary values. In 2008  NBMOG's Rockwell Library received important gifts from the following auction houses: The Early Auction Co. (Milford, OH), Green Valley Auctions (Mt. Crawford, VA), Norman C. Heckler & Co. (Woodstock Valley, CT) and James D. Julia Inc. (Fairfield, ME). In particular, the Early Auction Company went through their entire stock of back issues and sent us 80 gloriously illustrated catalogs, many with  prices-realized inserts. Likewise, Norman C. Heckler & Co. combed through their back issues and came up with a remarkable 47 glass catalogs that were not previously represented in our collection.
The New Bedford Museum of Glass